Friday, November 30, 2007

Mr. Chuckles

We go to this fancy-smancy photographer to document our children's first year of life. Little Ninja had some fabulous photos. Meat Ball, however, got shafted. Every photo "for him" ended up being a Ninja-fest. We only got a couple of good Meat Ball pics and THOUSANDS of Ninja shots. It's suppose to be for Meat Ball's baby book. How do we explain that his baby book contains more pictures of his sister than him?!

The sad thing is, if he were the only child, I think we would get some fabulous shots of him as well. The problem is, he is not as photogenic as his big sister. It's hard to compete with her. I could just take him alone, but this is a fancy-smancy photographer and each session costs more than our entire wedding photo package.

By his pictures, you would never guess just how giggly he is. Ninety-percent of the time he is chuckling. He is so easy to incite laughter. His laugh is hilarious. It really sounds like he's coughing, with high pitch squeal interjections. So it's *cough* *cough* *cough* *heeeeeeeeeee!* *cough* *cough*.

When he laughs, his eyes just disappears, his nose crinkles, and rivers of drool pours out of his mouth. He flaps his arm hard, so he almost flies, but instead makes loud thumps against his little baby boobs.

I have to be this descriptive lest I forget this. He's almost 9 months old and we have NO video evidence that he exists! Mind you, we have a top of the line video camera. However what little footage we actually have is mainly audio of many people talking and a visual of a wall... or the floor. My very smart, high-educated, physician husband is an AV idiot. Oh yeah, he can MAKE a video camera out of some toilet paper rolls, aluminum foil, a battery, and a wire hanger. But a retarded blind monkey can work a video camera better than Hubby.

Hubby videotaped Little Ninja's first birthday party. Please allow me to describe the footage:

The visual: We see the ground, a brick patio, swinging back and forth.

Audio: People talking, Hubby's voice is the loudest. Suddenly we hear things like, "Oooooooo... here's the cake!"

The visual: Brick patio panning up to backyard and patio table. Cake on the table. One big candle lit. Little Ninja is her grandfather's arms. Children and their parents gathered around.

Audio: People singing "Happy Bir-"

The visual: Abrupt Black Out.

The End

Brillance is thy middle name, dear Hubster.

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