Saturday, February 9, 2008

Blog Bog

Part of my dilemma with this blogging thing is that I really don't know what I am doing. Am I writing a personal journal for myself? Do I wish to have an audience? What is this blog about? Family? Parenting? My medical practice? Should I remain anonymous, or should I share this with my family and a few close friends?

The heck if I know.

So half the stuff I usually write in a personal journal, I don't write. Too painful, and too dramatic, and biased. Complain, bitch, moan, yuck. It's like the armpit of my thoughts. And more times than not I end up reading it and puking. Why would I risk revealing my self-absorbed stupidity on a blog?

I definately am not a great writer in that I do not have witty thoughts, comments, and observations about my life. However, I do like to write. Crap. Yes, I like to write crap. But dammit, it's MY crap. And I really want to remember a bit about my life now, while it is so crazy and hectic and I feel like I am one step from it all getting away from me. I am afraid that these days will slip away from me, as if it never happened. If I record anything on paper in a journal, I will lose it. Or Husband will throw it away. Perhaps this is an attempt to salvage a little part of who I am now and what my life is now.

I suppose I'll see where this takes me.

Potty Mouth

The following are frequent comments made by my three-year-old daughter during and after certain bodily functions:

"OMIGOD! That's a lot of poo-poo!"

"My poo-poo is squiggly today."

"I peeped! (as in past tense for pee)"

"Moooommmmy.... I'm dooooooonnnnnee. No wait! There's more coming out! Goooooooo awaaaaaay. Close the door!"

"Mommy, can you help me get it out?"